Color standards and Frank B. Smithe

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Sun Jul 27 22:25:58 CDT 1997

Una Smith wrote:
> Never heard of Frank Smithe's Color Guide for Naturalists.  Can you
> provide a full citation?
>         Una Smith


Smithe's work was published as an abridged replacement for Ridgway's
work.  Smithe, a retired business man and ornithologist with ties to the
AMNH produced his work because of the difficulty of locating good copies
of Ridgway.

The citation for Smithe is:  Smithe, Frank B.  Naturalist's Color
Guide.  1975.  American Museum of Natural History.  N.Y. ISBN
0-913424-03-X  There is a Naturalists' Color Guide Supplement dated 1974
(don't ask me why the Supplement is dated first) ISBN 0-913424-04-8 as
well as his Naturalist's Color Guide Part III dated 1981, AMNH ISBN
0-913424-05-6.  All three volumes are still available from the
Ornithology Dept at AMNH, but I don't know how many they have.  When I
bought mine, all three were only $20.00.  It's a very nice work with
translations to the Munsell system of color notations.

The guide is a series of swatches, in a loose leaf notebook, and the
supplement provides comments and the translations.  Part III provides
more swatches (they fit in the original notebook) with additional notes
and translations.



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