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At 12:03 PM 07-24-97 +0000, Eduardo Dalcin wrote:

>I'm looking for the publication:
>Faramea paulensis A. Zahlbr, in: Anz.Akad.Wiss.Wien, Math.-Nat.
>60:83. 1923(1924).
>Any information about this journal will be very nice !!
>Thanks in advance !
>Eduardo Dalcin (helping my friend Mario Gomes)
>Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden
>Eduardo Dalcin
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>e-mail  : biosys at alternex.com.br
>Rio de Janeiro - BRASIL

I am also looking for a reference from this journal.  We do not have it
here, nor have I found it at Missouri Botanical Garden or New York Botanical
Garden.  It's full title is:

Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien, Mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliche
Klasse, Anzeiger

I need description and accompanying article for Lobelia melliana F. E.
Wimmer, supposedly at
61: 111. 1925, though one source gives it as "14: 4. 1924" (possibly a
preprint or fascicle pagination?)

If you find a source for it, I would be grateful if you would advise me.

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