ASC database report to DOI/BRD

Elaine Hoagland elaine at ASCOLL.ORG
Mon Jul 7 13:49:38 CDT 1997

The Association of Systematics Collections is preparing a report on its
project to construct databases of taxonomic expertise (known by the acronym
TRED) and taxonomic research collections.  One of our tasks is to analyse
data to see where there are gaps in coverage: areas where more taxonomists
are needed, where more collecting is needed, and areas where databases of
museum specimens are lacking.

I would like to invite taxacomers to complete survey forms so that their
own taxonomic expertise, collections resources, and databases are recorded.
 If you have not already done so, please visit ASC's web site: and fill out the surveys.

In addition, comments are welcome concerning two issues:

1.  Taxonomic groups (above the level of Family) you know that are without
experts.  I am particularly interested in taxonomic groups that are in need
of study, either because answers are needed for policy purposes (eg, land
or water management) or because endemic areas are threatened.  Our funders
are particularly concerned about taxa in North America.

2.  Taxonomic groups (above the Family level) that are of high priority for
databasing.  These would be groups for which museum collections are
available and which are fairly stable in terms of taxonomic knowledge, but
databasing has not yet been done for major collections.

Any other CONCISE thoughts about gaps in taxonomic knowledge or access to
information are welcome, as long as they are supported with evidence so
that the results can be prioritized.

Thank you.  Elaine Hoagland, ASC

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