Nomina Insecta Nearctica Completed!

Scott Miller scottm at HAWAII.EDU
Wed Jul 9 08:14:26 CDT 1997

EIS (Entomological Information Services) is pleased (and more than a
little relieved) to announce that Nomina Insecta Nearctica, a fully
synonymical checklist of the insects of North America, is now finished.
Volume 4, the last volume covering the non-holometabolous orders,
appeared at the end of June.  In volume 4 the various orders were
compiled by:

Orthopteroid orders - D. Otte
Odonata - R. Garrison
Ephemeroptera - W.P. McCafferty
Plecoptera - B. Stark
Other orders - Poole and Gentili.

The cd-rom has also been completed and is now in beta testing.  We
expect to have it available at the beginning of August.

You can get more information on the series at our web address:

For a brochure, contact us at eis at or call or write us at
the our address as given below.

The following information about the North American insect fauna has
resulted from the project current up to the end of 1994

total generic names: 33,509
total valid generic names:  13,251

total specific names: 152,049

total valid specific names:  95,694.

The number of new species being described has declined exponentially in
the last two decades and so it is very unlikely that this number will go
over 100,000 valid species by the year 2000.  We do not want to hazzard
a guess to total number of North America species (including those still
undescribed), but have gut feeling it may be about twice the current

Robert W. Poole
Patricia Gentili
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