Cretaceous seaways

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Fri Jul 11 11:41:18 CDT 1997

Ross Hastings wrote:
> Hi all:
> I am working on some plant distrubtion patterns and I was wondering if =
> knew of some good maps of the mid to late Cretaceous that showed the ex=
> of the oceans. I am particularly interested in North America and Europe=
 but a
> world view would also be most useful. I am also searching for geologica=
l maps
> that show the location of Cretaceous instrusive bedrock.
> Thanks in advance
> Ross I. Hastings
> Curator of Botany
> Provincial Museum of Alberta
> Rhastings at

There are some fairly good maps in:

                      Kurt=E9n, Bj=F6rn =20
                      The age of dinosaurs=20
                      New York, McGraw-Hill [1968]
                      QE862.D5 K85=20


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