Managing Biodiversity data

Robert K. Colwell colwell at UCONNVM.UCONN.EDU
Wed Jul 16 14:40:49 CDT 1997

Subject:     Managing Biodiversity data

In this thread, Paul Hargraves and Tim Tyler called attention to the
document prepared by Richard Podolsky for UNDP, listing biodiversity
data management tools, posted (as one enormous page with no links) at:

I would like to correct some errors in the listing for my application
_Biota_ (oddly listed as "Biota Biota" in the Podolsky document):

Contrary to Podolsky's document, in the standalone format (BiotaApp,
for which the cost is correctly stated as $125), Biota requires *no*
additional software to run--a copy of 4D Engine is merged and compiled
with each copy of Biota.

To update the platform information, as recently announced on
TAXACOM, Biota is now available for Windows (95 or NT) as well as
Macintosh operating systems. A separate version (Biota4D, $175) runs
under 4D Server (purchased separately) in client/server mode with
mixed-platform clients, on either Win or Mac server.

Details at the Biota website,

Rob Colwell

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