Mystery Plant--strikes yet again

Anton Doroszenko (TL, Fld Crp) A.DOROSZENKO at CABI.ORG
Wed Jul 23 15:58:00 CDT 1997

Hello All,

This is probably an extract of Yucca sidigera. Here are some references on

Glade, M. J. (1992) Effects of  Yucca shidigera extract on feed utilization
by equine weanlings. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 12(2) 93-98

Headon, D. R.\ Dawson, K. A. (1990) Yucca extract controls atmospheric
ammonia levels. Feedstuffs 62(29) 15-16

Jacques, K. A.\ Bastien, R. W. (1989)  Waste management and odor control:
comprehensive planning needs for intensive agriculture. Biotechnology in the
feed industry. Proceedings of Alltech's Fifth Annual Symposium [edited by
Lyons, T.P.]. Nicholasville, KY 40256, USA; Alltech Technical Publications.
pp. 13-33

Jacques, K. (1988) Air quality and livestock waste: managing waste handling
systems. Biotechnology in the feed industry. Proceedings of Alltech's 4th
annual symposium [edited by Lyons, T.P.]. Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA;
Alltech Technical Publications. pp. 315-330

Kaneda, N.\ Nakanishi, H.\ Staba, E. J. (1987) Steroidal constituents of
Yucca shidigera plants and tissue cultures. Phytochemistry 26(5) 1425-1429

Valdez, F. R.\ Bush, L. J.\ Goetsch, A. L.\ Owens, F. N. (1986) Effect of
steroidal sapogenins on ruminal fermentation and on production of lactating
dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Science 69(6) 1568-1575

The fifth reference says that extracts of Y. schidigera contain steroidal
saponins used as antiarthritic and antistress agents in man, as antistress
agents in poultry, to promote weight gain in cattle, and may also elicit
plant growth responses.

Hope this helps.


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From: John Nelson
To: Multiple recipients of list TAXACOM
Subject: Mystery Plant--strikes yet again
Date: 23 July 1997 07:43

Wed 23 Jul 935am


    I have been asked to identify a plant which is apparently an
active ingredient in a dietary supplement advertised as a "miraculous
treatment breakthrough" for arthritis.

    The plant is referred to as "Saponin Shidigera" on the label of
the vial in which the miraculous substance is sold. The vial I have
been sent contains a dark oily-looking liquid which smells something
like soy sauce.

    I don't have a clue. Has anybody heard of this?

    Thanks, John Nelson, USCH

John B. Nelson
Curator of the Herbarium (USCH)
Department of Biological Sciences
University of South Carolina
Columbia SC 29208

nelson at
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