Standard Colors

Rodham E. Tulloss ret at PLUTO.NJCC.COM
Sat Jul 26 00:08:11 CDT 1997

Robin Panza asked for the full citation of the article translating
between Munsell and Ridgway.  Here it is.

Hamly, D. H. 1949. The Ridgway color standards with a Munsell notation key.
J. Optical Soc. Amer. 39(7): 592-599.

Robin also asked about reliability of Ridgway chips after the passage
of years.  Copies kept in drawers or boxed and not left lying open, not
rubbed with grit from specimens, etc.  May remain in rather good shape.
My copy appears to be very good, though not pristine.  I have seen
"Field Copies" that were in miserable condition with colors scraped or
bleached from chips.

Very best,

Rod Tulloss

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