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Sun Jul 27 11:43:08 CDT 1997

This all sounds good.

Where does Frank Smithe's Color Guide for Naturalists fit into this

Eric Metzler

Una Smith wrote:
> Who cares if the paint company calls some color "ferrrrn", so long
> as you know it is really 6YG 5/5?
> With some minor adjustments, Jim Matta's suggestion to use paint
> color swatches from the hardware store sounds like a great way to
> make yourself a large supply of inexpensive chip sets customized
> for your research.  Here's my recipe:
> 1. Collect swatches.
> 2. Beg, borrow, or steal a color standard.  (You might even use a
>    computer for this, if you have a good monitor and know how to
>    test for and correct its color biases, but I would use the big
>    Munsell chip set.)  Match each swatch to a standard color, and
>    record the standard code for that color *on the back of each
>    swatch*.  Return the standard to its owner.
> 3. Work out a handy systematic arrangement of the colors you have.
> 4. If you find gaps in the coverage of your system, go to step 1.
> 5. Get some high-quality cardstock in a neutral gray color, cut it
>    to size, mark where each color chip will go, and write the code
>    for each chip below the mark.
> 6. Cut the swatches into chips and glue the chips on, one color at
>    a time, so you don't get them mixed up.
> 7. To make sure your chips aren't fading, check them now and then
>    against a "real" color standard.
>         Una Smith
>         Yale University

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