Origin of Species

Kent E. Holsinger kent at DARWIN.EEB.UCONN.EDU
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>>>>> "John" == John Nelson <NELSON at BIOL.SC.EDU> writes:

    John>     When I first read Darwin's Origin of Species, it was a
    John> facsimile version I think published by Dover. I'm wondering
    John> if any of you know if this is still in print; sorry, mine is
    John> at home. I need the ISBN number to order it for a class
    John> coming up-

The facsimile edition on my shelf was published by Harvard University
Press in 1964 (ISBN 0-674-63752-6). I do not know whether it is still
in print. It has a nice introduction to the "Origin" by Ernst Mayr,
who also enlarged its index.

-- Kent

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