Urticaceae for TAXACOM

Karen Wilson Karen_Wilson at RBGSYD.GOV.AU
Wed Jul 30 09:53:57 CDT 1997

  Urticaceae for Flora Malesiana
  I am seeking expressions of interest, from potential contributors, in
  preparing an account of the Urticaceae for the 'Flora Malesiana' project.
  If there is sufficient interest, then I will organise  a workshop on this
  family during the 'Fourth International Flora Malesiana Symposium', Kuala
  Lumpur, Malaysia (19-25 July 1997). If you are interested, and
  particularly, if you will be able to attend the above Symposium, please
  contact me as soon as possible. It would also be useful if you could
  specify your area of interest.

Barry J. Conn                    Phone: +61 2 9231 8131
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