Crop Protection Compendium

Mon Jun 2 13:36:00 CDT 1997

Subscribers to this list may be interested to know that CABI has announced
the publication of the Crop Protection Compendium,  Module 1. We are
offering a free trial CD-ROM,  for Windows. This is a  walk through the
Compendium which demonstrates the diagnostic and illustrative potential of
the CD-ROM by narrowing down through country, crop and symptom. To obtain a
trial disk email S.Harris at

The Crop Protection Compendium CD-ROM is available from CAB INTERNATIONAL at
US Dollars 2000 for developed countries and at US Dollars 500 for
 developing countries, thanks to funding from members of the Crop Protection
Compendium Development Consortium. Module 1 provides easy to use, instant
access to detailed, illustrated data on CD-ROM for 1000 major pests and
their natural enemies, many of global importance with specific emphasis on
South-East Asia and Pacific. It includes diseases and weeds,150 crops of the
world and 150 countries of the world.

In addition, there are illustrated diagnostic keys, including CABIKEY; an
open architecture, with links to the internet and technical support pages on
PEST CABWeb (; a bibliographic database
of more than 50,000 references on pest management, with abstracts; corporate
or personal electronic notepads for keeping and sharing notes; and an
interactive glossary.

The Crop Protection Compendium CD-ROM is a simple tool for pest diagnosis
with powerful search features and the flexibility to narrow down by country,
crop and symptom. If you would like further details, please see the Crop
Protection Compendium pages on PEST CABWeb, at, or contact CABI at

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