Mushroom spore prints/cultivation

Mon Jun 2 16:27:19 CDT 1997

Anyone who can help answer the questions that I have about Spore print
sterility and mushroom cultivation, please respond.

 I am having problems with my spores. Some germinate *much* more
aggressively than others.
 I suspend my spores in water and inoculate using syringes.
 Could the slow germination be due to the fact that I did not allow the
spores time to re-hydrate it the water before inoculation of my
substrate, or is it a spore contamination problem, and if so, how can I
improve the sterility of my spore prints?

 It is urgent that I have these questions answered as I'm slowly going
insane doing experiment after experiment.

 I recently have had good results with one batch of spore solution
(batch "A"), while the other (batch "B") is way behind in germination.
Both were prepared at the same time using the same substrate.

Thanks to all who respond.

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