Query regarding Amphibians & Reptiles of West Africa

MSB-Mammals (Evol & Systs) luisr at UNM.EDU
Fri Jun 6 11:14:03 CDT 1997

We have some visitors from Ginea and Sierra Leone visiting here for a few
weeks.  Although they carry out mammal work, they would be interested in
acquiring a volume on Amphibians and Reptiles (particularly the latter) of
the West African Region, or Guinea, or Sierra Leone, were such a rara avis
to exist.  That is somewhat outside my rather narrow mammalian focus (mea
culpa!), so I wonder if some herpetologist from the list might be kind
enough to provide me with a citation?  Even if it is old and out of date,
that might get me started?  Please answer me directly, rather than clutter
up the list (unless there is interest for a summary).

Luis A. Ruedas

                    Museum of Southwestern Biology
                         Division of Mammals
            Section of Evolution, Systematics, and Zoogeography

voice: 505/277-5340                            facsimile: 505/277-3838

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