herbarium practices

Jerome V Ward wardjer at MAIL.AUBURN.EDU
Mon Jun 9 11:29:58 CDT 1997

 I think the sensible thing to do is use common sense and realize that
there is not one method that will work in all cases, for all types of
specimens. However, I would
caution against using hot glue from a glue gun.  This practice was adopted
in our herbarium some years ago and now a number of sheets have this heavy
glue attached.  True, it is quick and easy, but when placed in
stacks the sheets sometimes get stuck
together which is a bother and I belive that the glue itself is not
water-soluable.  If there was a water-soluable glue, I still find that it
is hard to control when it comes out of the gun.
So I would suggest diluting down Elmers type for delicate specimens and
using linen tape or sewing for bulky material.  And of course packets for
items that have fallen off.
Jerome Ward
Auburn University Herbarium
Aubrun, Alabama 36849

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