Literature leads - Odonata population structure/dispersion

John Shuey Shueyi at AOL.COM
Tue Jun 10 08:52:03 CDT 1997

I am working on a GIS-based assessment of preserve design as it relates to
connectivity issues and Odonata communities in NE Indiana, USA.  The array of
protected wetlands, primarily various fen communities, is dispersed along 20+
km of river corridor.  The fens occur as small patch communities (5-40
hectares) dispersed within larger emergent marsh patches, imbedded in a
matrix of flood-plain forest and fire-suppressed oak woodlands/barrens (now
partially converted to agriculture).

Does anyone have quick leads into the literature regarding dispersion or
population structure in non-migratory (or seemingly sedentary) dragonflies or
damselflies??  We want this model to be based as much as possible on reality,
because it will be implemented.  We are currently using conceptual models
based on butterflies, which is not particularly satisfying!

Please respond to shueyi at

John Shuey
Director of Conservation Biology
Indiana Office of The Nature Conservancy

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