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>It's not a question of the existence of paraphyly, but rather whether it is
>a mortal sin as far as nomenclature is concerned.  Why is it anathema to
>have taxon A arising from the middle of taxon B?  Isn't it likely that this
>is exactly how evolution works?

Exactly!  "Budding off" of peripheral isolates is extremely common mode of
allopatric speciation.  When it happens, a formerly monophyletic species
becomes paraphyletic.

For an EXCELLENT discussion re: plants, see: Loren Riseberg & Luc Brouillet,
"Are many plant species paraphyletic?", Taxon 43: 21-32. 1994.  I think
Loren subsequently documented paraphyletic origin of a Helianthus sp.  via
molecular methods, but I can't find the ref right now.

Art Cronquist ("A botanical critique of cladism", Botanical Review 53: 1-52.
1987) also devoted much discussion to this problem.

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