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FYI.  A prototype which may be of interest:


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>    [BIOSIS Publisher of Biological Abstracts and Zoological Record]
>                            TRITON Prototype
>               Taxonomy Resource & Index To Organism Names
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> TRITON, the Taxonomy Resource & Index To Organism Names, is a system
> under development by BIOSIS/Zoological Record as a mechanism for
> making data related to names of both fossil and recent organisms, and
> in particular animal nomenclatural data from the Zoological Record
> (ZR), available on the www. TRITON accesses a database of over a
> million animal names, at all taxonomic ranks, reported from the
> scientific literature of the last 18 years, plus some 400,000 names of
> other non-animal organisms provided by collaborating organisations.
>    TRITON exists as Prototype in two formats (further information):
>                       [Name Index] [Full Triton]
> The TRITON name index, the Index to Organism Names is offered as an
> aid to the general bioscience community and gives basic nomenclatural
> and hierarchy information, plus ZR volume occurrence counts
> (reflecting use in the literature) for animal names; and links to
> other organisations' data for non-animal names. It can be used to
> identify the taxonomic group to which an organism belongs and to link
> to further information from ZR or other collaborating organisation.
> Authors of newly published animal names may use it to readily check
> whether their names have been correctly reported in the Zoological
> Record, as recommended by the International Code of Zoological
> Nomenclature. Search notes are available.
> In addition to the above, the Full TRITON Taxonomy Resource & Index To
> Organism Names system will provide subscription based access to full
> index and bibliographic data for all newly published and changed
> animal names, including all new combinations and new synonyms,
> reported in the Zoological Record since 1978; this currently includes
> 305,000 newly described taxa and records of 1,060,000 new
> nomenclatural acts; the database will be updated as sectors of the
> current ZR volume in production are completed, and around 19,000 names
> of newly described animal taxa are added each year.
> Users should be aware that the TRITON system will not deliver a list
> of valid organism names (see Species 2000 for an international project
> with this intention); for animal groups TRITON offers a view of how
> names have been utilised in the scientific literature and what changes
> in their appplication have been formally proposed; for other organism
> groups it provides links and/or direct access to other servers where
> nomenclatural data can be found.
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