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Kelly Sendall 250 387-2932 ksendall at RBML01.RBCM.GOV.BC.CA
Fri Jun 20 14:09:37 CDT 1997

To all taxacomers;

This is to announce the formation of a new association interested in the
taxonomy of marine invertebrates from Alaska to northern California. The
recently by scientists and other individuals interested in the systematics,
taxonomy and ecology of the marine invertebrates of the northeastern Pacific
region. The purposes for which the Corporation is organized are as follows:
        Exclusively to facilitate the exchange of scientific information
concerning the marine   invertebrates of the coastal regions of Oregon,
Washington, British Columbia and        Alaska. This includes the organization
of workshops, specimen and literature   exchanges, and standardization of
systematic practices and taxonomic usage.

The NAMIT intends to serve as a northern version of SCAMIT (Southern California
Association of Marine Invertebrate Taxonomists). The NAMIT hopes to solicit
membership via this message so those that are interested can contact Kelly
Sendall at the Royal British Columbia Museum at the address below. Presently,
membership is at 69 from Canada and the US.

Annual dues are $20.00 Canadian or $15.00 US.

Kelly Sendall
Collections Manager
Royal British Columbia Museum
Victoria, BC CANADA
(250) 387-2932
fax (250) 387-5674
email: ksendall at

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