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Robert K. Colwell colwell at UCONNVM.UCONN.EDU
Sun Jun 22 07:26:44 CDT 1997

I am pleased to announce the publication (by Sinauer Associates, = of Version 1.2 of _Biota: The Biodiversity Database =
Manager_, specimen-based, biological data and collections management =
software for individuals, projects, museums, and herbaria. With this =
release, Windows users can now join the growing group of Macintosh =
Biota users.

This new version of Biota is available in standalone format =
(BiotaApp) for Windows or Macintosh ($125 complete) , and in =
client/server format (Biota4D Multiplatform) for Windows and =
Macintosh servers with mixed clients ($175 plus the cost of 4D =
Server). BiotaApp for Windows and Biota4D for Windows servers =
requires Windows 95 or later or Windows NT. BiotaApp for Macintosh =
and Biota4D for Mac servers requires System 7.1 or later.

With the exception of client/server capability, features are =
identical in all Biota formats. Biota Data Files, which can =
accommodate up to 128 GB of information, are 100% compatible between =
Windows and Mac operating systems. The profusely illustrated Biota =
Manual (585 pp.) and Supplement for Version 1.2 (65 pp.), included =
with the software, offer a quick-start overview, a tutorial covering =
basic features , and comprehensive but easy-to-use reference sections =
for advanced features.

Through its intuitive menus and screens, Biota offers efficient tools =
for rapid data input, update, maintenance, analysis, and reporting of =
biosystematic data. Biota's capable Import Editor helps convert =
existing data sets to Biota's relational structure. A wide array of =
text and image file export tools (including NEXUS export of character =
matrices for PAUP and McClade) provides easy access to data for =
analysis and publication. Biota produces hierarchical taxonomic files =
in HTML (with images) ready to post on a Web server and creates =
virtually journal-ready Specimens Examined lists based on any =
selection of records.

Other tools include a straightforward specimen loan management =
system; label-printing and label text export facilities (for pinned, =
fluid-preserved, slide-mounted, or herbarium specimens); unlimited =
user-definable fields; recursive specimen relations (e.g., =
herbivore-plant, parasite-host, DNA-specimen); automatic maintenance =
of a specimen determination "audit-trail"; flexible barcode/manual =
input for record entry, record retrieval, and loan management; and a =
password security system with multiple privilege levels.

**Visit the Biota Website** at for =
full details on Biota, including features, formats, ordering =
information, and a complete analysis of Biota=B9s data model in =
relation to the ASC data model.

**NOTE to registered users of Biota 1.0.x for Macintosh or beta =
versions 1.1.x for Macintosh: You may download Version 1.2 from the =
Biota Website using your registration number as a password. You can =
also download the Supplement to the Manual, although you will receive =
a printed copy direct from Sinauer in the near future. (If you =
purchased Biota but have not sent in your registration, please do so!)

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