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>I'm not aware of any such thing, but a colleague has a vague recollection,
>from years back, that there exists or has existed, some semi-formal
>mechanism/grapevine or whatever, by which one can check that a proposed new
>generic name has not been used before, and thereby avoid the embarrassment
>of creating a later homonym. (He has of course already gone through the
>usual routine of consulting Kew Record, Index Kewensis, Brummitt's,
>Mabberley's and older generic dictionaries, etc.).
>Anyone know of such a facility?

If you have access to WWW, consult Index Nominum Genericorum (ING) at:
This list aims to give complete coverage of all names of genera for
plants, whether such names are "in use" or not.  The list continues to
be cleaned and added to and IMHO provides a vital service to the
taxonomic community.
The search facility works very well too!

Piers Trehane
Rapporteur, International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants

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