Are Interrogative titles bad?

Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Thu Jun 26 22:09:16 CDT 1997

At 01:41 PM 06/27/97 +1100, Geoff Read wrote:
>While scanning the journal Lethaia a segment in the instructions to
>authors caught my eye.
>"Avoid  titles that are assertive ('Conodonts are vertebrates') or
>interrogative ('Are conodonts vertebrates?')."

"Assertive titles are not unprofessional"

"Are interrogative titles unprofessional?"

"A consideration of assertive and interrogative titles, with attention to
their presumed professionalism or lack thereof, including an assessment of
the utility of alternative styles and the wisdom of challenging editorial

I hope that sums it up.... :-)

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