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Advances in Plant Molecular Systematics Conference
13th -15th August, 1997. Glasgow, UK

Just a reminder that the closing date for registration for this conference
is now approaching (14th July 1997).

The conference has an excellent line up of speakers addressing a range of
highly topical questions in the fields of plant population genetics and
molecular systematics.

Poster contributions welcome!

Registration forms and further details available from:
or Dr Pete Hollingsworth, Graham Kerr Building, University of Glasgow, G12
8QQ, U.K.
E-mail plantsys at Fax + 44 (0) 141 330 5971


13th August Session 1
9.00 am onwards - Registration

10.25-11.00 Tea / coffee

11.00-11.10 Welcome -  Keith Vickerman FRS
University of Glasgow, UK

11.10-11.20 Introduction -  Pete Hollingsworth
University of Glasgow, UK

11.20-11.55 The role of uniparentally inherited microsatellite markers in
population genetics and systematics
 Jim Provan,  Wayne Powell,  Micales Morgante,  N. Sorenzo &  N. Wilson
Scottish Crop research Institute, Dundee, UK

11.55-12.30 The use of organelle markers in elucidating the history and
ecology of plant populations
 Richard Ennos,  Xin - Sheng Hu &  William Sinclair
University of Edinburgh, UK

12.30 -2.00 Lunch

2.00-2.35 Population genetic structure in apomictic plants
 Richard Gornall,  Clive Stace &  Shi Ying
University of Leicester, UK

2.35-3.10 Isolation within species, and the history of glacial refugia
 Colin Ferris, Andrew King &  Godfrey Hewitt
University of Leicester, UK

3.10-3.45 Populations and monophyly
 Jerry Davis
Cornell University, USA

3.45-5.30 Poster session, refreshments and sherry reception

14th August Session 2
9.15-9.50 Population differentiation and sub-speciation
 Kirsten Wolff &  Mary Morgan-Richards
University of St. Andrews, UK

9.50 -10.25 The use of genomic in situ hybridisation (GISH) as a tool in
taxonomic and evolutionary studies
 Clive Stace &  John Bailey
University of Leicester, UK

10.25-10.55 Tea / coffee

10.55-11.30 Metapopulation dynamics and mating system evolution in plants
 Spencer Barrett &  John Pannell
University of Toronto, Canada

11.30-12.05 Multiple origins of polyploids - fallacy or fact?
 Johannes Chr. Vogel,  John A. Barrett,  Fred Rumsey &  Mary Gibby
Natural History Museum, London & University of Cambridge, UK

12.05-12.40 RAPDs and systematics -  A useful methodology?
 Stephen Harris
University of Oxford, UK

12.40- 2.00 Lunch

Session 3
2.00-2.35 The use of chloroplast DNA variation for analysis of phylogeny
and intra specific phylogeography in a group of closely related
Mediterranean Senecio
 H. Peter Comes &  Richard Abbott
University of St. Andrews, UK & Johannes Gutenberg-Universitat Mainz, Germany

2.35-3.10 Phylogenetics and biogeography of Pelargonium (Geraniaceae)
 Freek Bakker,  Mary Gibby &  Alastair Culham
University of Reading, UK

3.10-3.40 Tea / coffee

3.40-4.15 ITS Phylogeny of the Orchidinae, chromosomal losses,
morphological convergences and polyphyletic plesiomorphs
 Richard Bateman,  Alec Pridgeon &  Mark Chase
Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, UK

4.15-4.50 Nuclear, protein-coding multigene families: homology and
phylogeny at various taxonomic levels in Leguminosae
 Jeff Doyle &  Jane Doyle
Cornell University, USA

4.50-5.25 Splits and Spectra; tools for exploratory phylogenetic analysis.
Roderic Page &  Michael Charleston
University of Glasgow, UK

15th August Session 4
9.15-9.50 The use of rDNA genes in plant phylogeny reconstruction
 William Hahn,  Mark Hershkovitz &  Elizabeth Zimmer
Columbia University, USA

9.50-10.25 Is there a specifc gene for a specific problem?
 Richard Olmstead
University of Washington, Seattle, USA

10.25-10.55 Tea / coffee

10.55-11.30 The evolution of green plants
 Terry Hedderson &  Russ Chapman
University of Reading, UK

11.30-12.05 Deriving plant phylogenies from protein sequences encoded in
completely sequenced chloroplast genomes
 Bill Martin
Technische Universitaet Braunschweig, Germany

12.05-12.40 Molecular phylogenetics of seed plants (provisional title)
 Mark Chase &  Monique Simmons
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK

12.40-2.00 Lunch

Session 5
2.00-2.35 Integrating molecular phylogenies, developmental genetics and
biogeography - A Gesneriaceae case study
 Quentin Cronk &  Michael Moeller
Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, UK

2.35-3.10 The genotype and the phenotype - the integration of molecular
systematics and developmental genetics
 Victor Albert
New York Botanic Garden, USA

3.10-3.20 Summary -  Richard Bateman
Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, UK

3.20-3.50 Tea / coffee

NB: The addresses given are those of the speakers (the first named author),
and do not necessarily apply to the co-authors

Organising Committee:  Pete Hollingsworth, University of Glasgow;  Richard
Bateman, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh;  Richard Gornall, University of

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