Nematomorphs & Lepidoptera

Andrew Whittington aew at NMS.AC.UK
Tue Jun 10 10:02:40 CDT 1997

Dear Chris

Keith Bland, with whom I work, has had nematomorphs from Geometridae
larvae and has a small stock pile put aside.  He'd like them identified
at some stage, so, if you come across a researcher, we'd like to hear
from you.  Furthermore, while working on Scottish Highland Carabidae a
few years ago, I saw numerous nematomorphs (I assume) emerging from the
tail of adult Carabids (I don't have the specimens, but they may still
be housed in the institute I was working in).  If we're all talking about
the same thing, it would certainly seem these creatures are not only
associated with Orthops.  I look forward to hearing if anyone can id. them.

Andy Whittington

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