How many type specimens?

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At 10:04 AM 06-06-97 -0700, Finn N. Rasmussen wrote:
>I need a piece of trivial information for a popular text: How many
>type specimens are stored in the biggest herbaria in the worl -
>places like Kew,  St. Petersburg, NY, Paris etc.? Botanical Museum,
>Copenhagen, believe that they have about 30.000. They are currently
>registrating them in a database. Another question:
>how many synonyms are supposed to exist for every currently used
>name? Has anybody ever tried an estimate?
>- Thank you in advance,  Finn

Interesting you should ask.  I've just compiled a list of the species of
Campanulaceae s. lat. recognized in the taxonomic literature since 1940.
The only synonyms included are those that have been used (accepted) during
that period.  Even constrained thusly, it averaged out to a 1.6-to-1 synonym
to accepted name ratio.

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