Nematomorphs & Lepidoptera -Reply

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>At 8:29 AM 6/10/97, Duane Hope wrote:
>>Thanks for your note, Barry.  I am the only nematologist at the National
>>Museum of Natural History, and my specialty are the free-living marine
>>nematodes.   Until quite recently mermithids from the marine environment
>>was a rarity, but a colleague and I now have a manuscript in press
>>describing a new genus and species of a nematode that belongs to the
>>Mermithidae.  Nonetheless, I myself am not really interested in getting
>>involved in research on terrestrial mermmithids, but I would welcome
>>them as an addition to our collections perhaps to be used by someone
>>else in the future.  If that is agreeable with you, please send them to me
>>along with the collection information.   By the way, it is best that they be
>>fixed and preseved in about 5% formalin rather than using ETOH as a

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