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Paul L.Th. Beuk beuk at BIO.UVA.NL
Wed Jun 11 12:31:08 CDT 1997

>Dear taxacomers,
>I am looking for botanical country and geographical coordinates of these
>localities (of Geranium divaricatum):
>Chumba, W Himalaya, 2000 m, Watt 2067, -V-1878 (K)

        Chumba, India   27=B040'N   92=B018'E

>Gaon, Bashahr, NW Himalaya, Lace 882, 7-V-1891 (K)

        Bashahr, also Bussahir: former northern Indian state

>in mte. Zobor, Nitriam, Lang s.n., 1836 (K)

        Nitra, Slovakia   48=B019'N   18=B004'E
        Zobor (hill)      48=B021'N   18=B007'E

>Ashabad, in angustiis Karanky, Litwinow 1129, 6-V-1898 (G)

        Ashabad, Turkmenistan   37=B058'N   58=B024'E

I hope this is useful.


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