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Thomas Lammers wrote:

>Anyone who discusses monophyletic
>classifcation and uses Linnaean caterogies does, in my view, not deserve
>further attention.

>And yet, the Linnean hierarchy is the only universally accepted,
>internationally regulated system we have available for formal classificatory
>purposes.   All the world's biota are classified, at least in a first-cut
>approximation, according to this system.  All the names we use are
>predicated upon it.   Are we to totally chuck it out, and reinvent the

No! Don't miss my point. I want us all to accept that if you want to stick to
our nice and well-established Linnaean system, we inevitably must accept
paraphyletic taxa. Therefore, I would promote that the discussion on a
monophyletic system using Linnaean categories stops, because Linnaean
categories IMPLY paraphyletic taxa. You could create a second system of
nomenclature, besides the Linnaean one, to accomodate your monophyletic
system, but that would be very different from what we are used to (e.g. a
species belonging to a family but not to any of its genera), and I do not
favour it.

I do not assault the Linnaean hierarchy through cladistic methodology, I
merely point to what has been wrong in the whole discussion up to now. In
fact, I don't think it is cladistics that is attacking, but the thought of
monophyletic classification.

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