Harvey E. Ballard, Jr. hballard at STUDENTS.WISC.EDU
Mon Jun 16 11:44:15 CDT 1997

In the second-to-last major paragraph of my novella, revise to read "My problem with accepting only MONOPHYLETIC species".

Back to editing DNA sequences, so that my vision is even more impaired...

Harvey Ballard

Harvey E. Ballard, Jr.
Postdoctoral Researcher, USDA-ARS, Potato Systematics Labs
1575 Horticulture, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison WI 53706
PHONE: (608) 262-0159; FAX: (608) 262-4743
Honorary Fellow, University of Wisconsin Herbarium
Botany Department
132 Birge, 430 Lincoln Drive
Madison WI 53706
PHONE: (608) 262-2792; FAX: (608) 262-7509

Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental and Plant Biology
Porter Hall
Ohio University
Athens OH 45701-2979
PHONE: (614) 593-1128; FAX: (614) 593-1130
E-MAIL [probably]: not yet known

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