Cheoak or Sheac

Alex Buchanan (03) 62262635 MUS_ALEX at AM.TASED.EDU.AU
Tue Jun 17 05:15:32 CDT 1997

Here is a question for North American Taxacomers.

It has been suggested that the name "She-Oak", applied to some Australian
species of Allocasuarina (formerly Casuarina), originates in North
America, being a corruption of an Indian name.

Is there a tree or shrub in North America having Cheoak or Sheac (or
something similar) as a common name or Indian name?

It may resemble the Casuarinaceae, a family of generally small trees with
slender, leafless, green branchlets.

Any suggestions??

Alex Buchanan
Tasmanian Herbarium
mus_alex at

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