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Thu Jun 19 13:45:19 CDT 1997

Dear Taxacomers,

>- and finally, there has been lots of discussion in German literature about
problems with stem species and related matters (introducing terms like crown
species etc.). Please refer to several papers in the journal Z. zool. Syst.
Evol.-forsch. within the last more than ten years.

I only later realized that this could sound offending to some of you. Of
course I did not want to blame anybody who did not read papers in a language
(German) he cannot read easily. It is still an unnecessary habit of some
Germans to publish in German, who are responsible for the limited
distribution of their often interesting ideas.
But the papers I had in mind, in particular in this journal, are either in
English or in German with English summary.

So, sorry again.

Best wishes to you all

Hajo Esser

Dr. Hans-Joachim Esser
Trinity College
Dept. of Botany
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