NEED YOUR HELP for permit information on the web

Luis Ruedas (Museum of SW Biology) lruedas at SEVILLETA.UNM.EDU
Fri Jun 20 07:09:42 CDT 1997

The ad hoc web subcommittee of the Information Retrieval Committee of
American Society of Mammalogists is preparing a page that (hopefully) will
facilitate obtention of permits by mammalogists and others by providing
the most up to date and detailed information regarding WHERE and HOW to
obtain scientific collecting permits.  The page is to be a clearing house
not only of US state permits' information, but also for different
countries.  The ASM's home page currently resides at


Many of you routinely renew your state permits every year.  Many of you
work abroad and obtain permits for a variety of countries.  Please forward
information to me about where and from whom you obtain your permits.  I
will be working on this web page over the course of the summer.  As soon
as there is enough material to warrant putting the page up, it will be
done.  Another such request will be sent out in late September, when the
field season is complete for most individuals.

The nature of the WWW is such that this page will be able to be updated
on a moment's notice, so feel free to contact me any time.  Please forward
this message to any of your colleagues who may not be on this list-server,
or may not have electronic mail.

Thanks in advance,


                            Luis A. Ruedas
                    Museum of Southwestern Biology
                         Department of Biology
                       University of New Mexico
                  Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87131-1091

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