Multiple RENEWAL notices ?

Peter Rauch anamaria at GRINNELL.BERKELEY.EDU
Sun Jun 22 10:33:14 CDT 1997

Dear Taxacom Subscriber,

I said in an earlier message:
> If you have received _multiple_ renewal notices for your Taxacom
> subscription, please do not send multiple "OK" replies.

I was confused! I should have said: " not send multiple
"CONFIRM TAXACOM" replies. I.e., in order to renew your subscription,
you must reply to listserv at with the words:

confirm taxacom

Thank you, Jacques Melot, for catching my error.

By the way, when some of you do reply, listserv is going to respond
back to you saying that "you are not subscribed"!

That's because your reply to listserv did not come from the exact
_same_ email address as the one you are subscribed from. There are
various reasons for this, but it's usually due either to your own email
service "messing with" your outgoing message's host address so that you
can be sitting at any of several systems and still send email, as well
as to find your incoming email; or, you have moved to another email
address since having subscribed to taxacom and have retained your old
email address for automatically forwarding messages to your new
address. Some of you are subscribed under two or three different
addresses (with all but one set to nomail) in an attempt to resolve
this problem. You will find that you may not be able to "renew" each of
your subscriptions unless you can reply to the renewal messages from
each of those addresses.

Just write me if you have problems renewing, and I'll try to help you
to renew/correct the problem.

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