Mon Jun 23 15:14:02 CDT 1997

As one of a large crowd of beta-testers for PAUP, I'll just say
this:  there are Mac (PowerPC and 68k), PC (haven't used it), and
a whole slew of Unix box versions.  I've been running it on a DEC
Alpha, an old Powerbook 145, and occasionally a PowerPC.

Because David Swofford has enlisted so many beta-testers, many of
whom are pushing the envelope on the methods available in PAUP, a
lot of bugs have been coming out of the woodwork.  I mention this
not to suggest that the program is buggy, but that its author and
publisher are committed to releasing a *robust* product, and from
what I have seen of it so far, its users will all be very pleased
with the result, despite having to wait for it.

Just hang tight;  when the actual release date is set, I guarantee
you'll hear about it.

        Una Smith
        una.smith at

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