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Riccardo Sciaky sciaky at IMIUCCA.CSI.UNIMI.IT
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Concerning the choice of the holotype, I have in mind several
contradictorial examples:

1) A French colleague recently described a new species with a female
holotype, even though the male showed more diagnostic characters, mainly
because the only known male belongs to another collector.

2) A Spanish colleague described a new species with a female holotype
because its locality was more likely the real habitat of the species, while
the locality of the only known male seemed atypical (probably the specimen
had been flooded to lower altitudes than that where it probably used to

        I said this to show that not all of these seemingly arbitrary
choices are "a priori" wrong, but sometimes these decisions derive from
considerations that go beyond the simple observations of which sex has the
better diagnostic characters.

        So, the best thing that Robin Leech should do is to ask the authors
which are the _real_ reasons for such a decision, and then decide whether
it seems acceptable or not.

        Have a good time!

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