Searching for syntypes

Rodham E. Tulloss ret at PLUTO.NJCC.COM
Tue Jun 3 12:10:47 CDT 1997

The following is a long shot request to curators of mycological collections.
It is a last ditch effort.

Recently, after a long search, I was able to review four of the syntypes
of Amanita mairei Foley in MPU.  None are in good condition, and I hesitate
to designate one as lectotype because of their condition and the fact that
they are continuing to deteriorate due to humid conditions.  Two water
color paintings not represented by collections were found in the dossiers
associated with the collections.  It is apparent from written material in
the dossiers that there once were two collections associated with the
water colors.  I am hoping against hope that these collections exist somewhere.
I was not able to find any record of their loan or gift to any person or
institution.  They would have been sent by R. Maire from his personal
herbarium.  They were collected in November, 1931 by Dr. H. Foley at le
Paradou, ca. Algiers, Algeria.  They may be labeled "Amanita mairei Foley."
However, it is at least equally likely that Maire may have labeled them
with one of two herbarium names he used for the taxon: "A. pseudospissa"
and "A. pseudospissa var. pseudovaginata."

If you are aware that R. Maire communicated materials to a mycologist the
herbarium of whom is now in the holdings of your institutiuon and have
the opportunity to see if any material fitting the above description is
in your care, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.


Rod Tulloss

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