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>Do diurnal species with bright colours attract taxonomists?

Looking at the question more broadly, we might ask, Do species that are easy
to "catch" have a better chance of being made known?  As a botanist, I have
long been eternally grateful that my target organisms are (a) macroscopic
and (b) politely sit still and await my arrival.  If studying my organisms
required me to "run through the jungle" chasing  down the things I want to
study; setting traps, lures, lares, or other contrivances; examining them
only with the aid of special optics , etc., it wouldn't be nearly so
enjoyable.   Perhaps the fact that over a quarter-million species of
flowering plants are known is in part the result of their ease of collection
compared to birds, rodents, sea-trench and forest canopy denizens,
nematodes, and Sasquatch.

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