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>>Exactly!  "Budding off" of peripheral isolates is extremely common mode of
>>allopatric speciation.  When it happens, a formerly monophyletic species
>>becomes paraphyletic.

>This is nonsense and the result of a confusion of species as taxa (Linnean...
>... For example evolution in the genus Mus would make Eucaryota paraphyletic.

Bengt's response is incorrect.  Evolution within Mus would not affect
Eukaryota.  There is still a chain of common origins from genus on down to
whatever level "eukaryota" occupies.  Budding off does not affect higher
(vertical) taxonomic designations, only horizontal ones.  If Mus newus evolved
from Mus oldus, but populations of M. oldus still exist, then M. oldus becomes
a paraphyletic species, but genus Mus is not affected.

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