David C. Taylor stddct at UNX1.SHSU.EDU
Sun Jun 22 18:11:08 CDT 1997

On a related note, does anyone know the anticipated release date of PAUP
for Windows, also from Sinauer??


David C. Taylor
Undergraduate, SHSU Biology
Texas Regional Institute for Environmental Studies

Robin Panza wrote:
> >I am pleased to announce the publication (by Sinauer Associates,
> m) of Version 1.2 of _Biota: The Biodiversity Database Manager_, specimen-based,
>  biological data and collections management software for individuals, projects,
> museums, and her
> This came through pretty badly garbled (entirely too few returns, causing
> truncation of thoughts), but sounds interesting.  Has anyone tried any version
> of Biota?  How do you like it?  What have you found to be frustrations or high
> points?  Can you compare it to another system?
> Robin K Panza                   panzar at
> Section of Birds, Carnegie MNH
> Pittsburgh  PA  15213  USA

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