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Dear Colleague:

My incomplete message on  references of fossil Aesculus was sent out
accidently.  Sorry about that!  Regardless the missing of the citations, I
still received several helpful responses.  They are posted below.  Thanks
very much to Amy Levin, Rodney D. Seppelt, John Nelson, Anton Doroszenko,
and Una Smith for their

The citations include Budantsev L. Yu, 1991, Akhemetiev M. A., 1989,
Chochieva, 1965, 1968.  These were provided in the "Green BOOK" of the
International Organisation of Palaeobotany on WWW.  I found a paper of
Budantsev L. Yu, 1992 in which his 1991's paper is not cited.

Received Responses:


    You might want to prowl around asking at the herbarium at Univ.
of Georgia. They had a student studying AESCULus--can't remeber his
name right off--who might be able to help-

An excellent place to start looking for all things to do with woody plants
is TREECD produced by CAB International. TREECD is a comprehensive source of
forestry information covering all aspects of forestry, agroforestry, the
forest industry and its products. This is the most complete guide to
international forestry literature available. It is published in co-operation
with the UK Overseas Development Administration and the Oxford Forestry
Institute. The CDs cover the literature from 1939 to date (over 460,000
records), with quarterly updates.

Here are some references from TREECD on fossil Aesculus.

TI:  Species selection for wooden artifacts by prehistoric men.
AU:  Noshiro-S; Suzuki-M
SO:  Second Pacific Regional Wood Anatomy Conference, October 15-21, 1989,
College, Laguna, Philippines [convened by Tesoro, F.O.]. Abstracts of papers
and posters. IAWA-Bulletin. 1989, 10: 3, 342.

TI:  Accessibility and density of cell walls of unearthed buried woods.
AU:  Taniguchi-T; Okamura-K; Harada-H; Nakato-K
SO:  Mokuzai-Gakkaishi (Journal-of-the-Japan-Wood-Research-Society). 1986,
32: 9, 738-743; En captions; 12 ref.

TI:  Cell wall structure of buried wood of tochinoki (Aesculus turbinata
AU:  Fujii-T; Tamai-A; Hiroi-T
SO:  Mokuzai-Gakkaishi (Journal-of-the-Japan-Wood-Research-Society). 1988,
34: 3, 261-265; BLDSC; 13 ref.

TI:  Some fossil leaflets of Aesculus indica Colebr. from the Karewa beds at
Laredura and Ningal Nullah, Pir Panjal, Kashmir.
AU:  Puri-GS
SO:  1945, J. Indian Bot. Soc. 1945 24, (149-51 + plate). [Univ. of

For more information see our Web site.

Hope this helps

Most of the paleobotanical (fossil plant) literature is indexed in
GeoRef.  Also, the International Organisation of Palaeobotany keeps
an Internet archive of bibliographic references to names of fossil
plants.  A quick search on their name will produce the URL of the
Plant Fossil Record.  Note the IOP database contains references to
names;  it does not attempt to record all literature pertaining to
fossil plants.

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