Geoff Read at NIWA.CRI.NZ
Wed Jun 25 10:18:57 CDT 1997

Olive Coleman in Berlin wrote:
> Does anybody has started to use this
> program and could give us a little report how the program performs?

No, but here is a snip relevant to you from a web page:

"Intercept for non- U.S. date and number formats. To function correctly,
Biota requires the internal settings in your operating system for dates
and number formats to be set to U.S. formats. Version 1.2 check both
settings during its launch sequence and protects your Data File by halting
the launch until the settings are correct."

That seems odd. It otherwise looks to be an *excellent* program. If there
is no workaround, I am curious as to how the metric measurement,
dd/mm/yy, majority of the world will be happy, or able to change to  US
formats in order to use Biota, especially on a network.

  Geoff Read < at>

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