DeltaAccess SQL interface beta testers wanted!

Gregor Hagedorn hagedorn at MAIL.ZEDAT.FU-BERLIN.DE
Mon Jun 30 22:35:56 CDT 1997

                                                  30 June 1997

A beta version of DeltaAccess, a Microsoft Access application to
manage Delta datasets using a relational database, is available

Before you decide to download the application, you can view some
screenshots or read the full online version of the documentation.
I appreciate your evaluation, and any reports of errors or general

The application is distributed as free software under a General
Public License. It requires that Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 95 and
Access 97 or Access 95 are installed on a computer with at least 16

DeltaAccess can be used stand-alone, in a network, or as a front-end
to most SQL-servers. It concentrates currently on data analysis, but
provides editing tools and a preview of an online identification as

Gregor Hagedorn

Gregor Hagedorn
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