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R. Soreng soreng at EROLS.COM
Sat Mar 1 10:39:21 CST 1997

Nom. nuds. do not have any status under the botanical code, it is as if=20
they do not exist.  There is no need to keep track of them and, if I=20
recall correctly, some earlier edtions of the botanical code have=20
recommended ignoring them completely.  If a name is invalidly published,=20
ie, in a title or abstract, or text prior to effective publication=20
within that article it should be ignored. =20
People often do cite nom. nuds. if those were not validly published in=20
the article that used them so that future workers, should they run=20
across one of these names, do not have to search for where those might=20
have been validated.  As we see the value in this, we do keep track of=20
such names in this case for grasses in TROPICOS.  We do not track prior=20
title, abstract or page usage within an article where a name is validly=20
Having said this, there might be utility in amendments to the codes=20
explicitly excluding abstracts, titles, and abstracting service=20
publications as effective places of publication, since as pointed out=20
titles and abstracts are sometimes prepubished.

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