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At 06:56 AM 02-28-97 -0700, richard a fagerlund wrote:
>I would like the opinion of anyone or everyone who describes new taxa.
>The question came up with insects but it probably relevant to any taxa
>zoological or botanical.
>I was told by one reviewer that the name of a new taxa should never
>appear in the title of the paper or even the abstract or introduction.
>The rationale was that the taxa is not officially named until the description
>later in the paper and the name cannot be used until officially described.
>I thought that was a bit silly.

I agree it does seem a bit "premature" to put the name in the title, and so
I personally prefer the common "A new species of ..." title format.  But in
the botanical code, there certainly is no codified prohibition against
titles such as "Archimedes rex, a New Species of Blah-blah ..."   I have
seen both sorts over the years in various places.   Possibly some journals
might prohibit such, simply as editorial sylistic policy, but not the ICBN.
If it's OK with the editor, thank the reviewer for his/her suggestion and do
what you prefer.

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