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Joan Thorne, Editorial Manager, BIOSIS UK provides the following
information regarding  new names published in theses & dissertations,
in response to Bernard Landry, who wrote:

> Also please consider the services provided by the Zoological Record. Would
> they be willing to accept indexing names published in dissertations? How
> would you know about a thesis if the contents is not indexed somewhere?

We have had various discussions with the ICZN over the years on the
status of theses and dissertations.  Following these our current
policy is generally not to cover such publications unless they are
made publicly available by being published in a conventional journal
or serial. This is to avoid the possibility of confusion in the event
of names first published in such documents being subsequently
'properly' published in a book or serial.  Our policy also excludes
names published in Dissertation Abstracts because we can never be
certain that the names are not subsequently going to be published in
full elsewhere.

This being said, should a future ruling of the ICZN state unequivocally
that names first published in theses and dissertations are to be regarded
as properly published, we would of course include them in Zoological

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