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Margaret Baker cmbaker at TELEPORT.COM
Thu Mar 6 10:40:13 CST 1997

As a user of Index Kewensis of the first order, I would like to see thesis
work considered publication.

The registration of reviewed work done by graduate students would make the
entire work available to others. During our research to report current
taxonomic synonymy for all species in a genus, we've encountered several
recent examples of duplicate names. The old duplicate names are
understandable; botanical explorers were working under totally different
conditions. It does seem positively silly to have it happening in this day
and age.

If a thesis was "published", the information would be available through
libraries. We recently purchased a thesis from UMI because it contained a
complete review of a genus, not just a few new names as would be found in a
journal article. If we learned about a thesis because it is used as a
reference in a journal article, it still isn't available to borrow from
libraries. We heard about this review only because Dr. Dressler happened to
be visiting and learned that we were looking for specific information.

So now, even though the information in unavailable anywere else, are we
using 'published' data or not?

If the names had been registered in Index Kewensis, it would have saved an
immense amount of useless searching. I have to assume that the same would
hold true for other researchers.

Margaret Baker

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