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Christopher B. Boyko cboyko at AMNH.ORG
Fri Mar 7 11:10:22 CST 1997

Well, as a person currently in the throes of producing a doctoral
dissertation, I must say that I am against the idea of accepting thesis
introduced names as "validly published."  Not only do I know for a fact
that my thesis, if never published in "real" journal, will never be very
easy to ferret out of the multitudes of other dissertations being produced
every year.  My university does not require more than a handful of copies
be produced for my committee members and the university library, so wide
distribution of my findings is rather unlikely.  Additionally, I have been
trying to track down other dissertations from various South American
countries and can assure you that that situation is even worse in terms of
getting ones hands on copies of university deposited documents.  I believe
that it is not an impractical matter for the student to find a place to
publish his/her work and make it as available as possible to the scientific
community.  Anything else is to run the risk of your thesis languishing in
obscurity.  I weigh in against accepting thesis work as constituting valid
publication and suggest that the ICZN address this concern a bit more
explicitly in future codes, since it seems to generate such interest.

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