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John McNeill johnm at ROM.ON.CA
Sat Mar 8 11:45:11 CST 1997

On 8 March, Thomas G. Lammers wrote (apropos of the decline in
knowledge of Latin):

>                       Most would probably translate the phrase "Sic
>transit gloria mundi" as "Gloria puked on the bus Monday" <g>).

I prefer to remember it as the laconic telegram sent from France by
the English traveller after crossing the Channel at the weekend.

Even more laconic was that (reputedly truly) sent by the general of
British Army in India after the battle in which he captured the state
of Sind:  "Peccavi"

On his more serious points, Tom is, of course, correct, but it seems a
bit deviant; a disclaimer as permitted under the ICZN (Art. 8 (b))
would seem simpler.

John McNeill

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