Quirks, quarks and vanishing taxonomists: Real Audio

Richard Hill rehill at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sun Mar 9 07:56:38 CST 1997

On 03/08/97 17:52:44 Steve (halford at sfu.ca) mentioned
a program on Canadian Broadcasting (CBC) regarding
taxonomy extinction.  I was able to download the program
and play it back via the Real Audio program.  For those
interested in trying the same, the program is located
on the CBC's web page
and the real audio program can be found via the search
program on your browser.

Don't try this on your lunch hour, it took all night
to download the 22 mb file!  Apparently you can use
real audio sofware to listen in real time, but I have
not tried that yet.  I used Netscape 3.0 on a pentium
75 with a 28.8 modem.
>Just thought you all might be intersted to hear that the Canadian popular
>science newsmagazine "Quirks and Quarks" (CBC radio) did a compelling
>20-minute lead story today on the decreasing support for taxonomic
>research and the implications to biology and museums.  It hit on many of
>the concerns that have been raised recently on these lists.  I only hope
>it was heard by more people than the one "true believer" sitting with his
>ear glued to the car radio in a busy shopping mall parking lot!

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