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Joan Thorne jthorne at YORK.BIOSIS.ORG
Wed Mar 12 14:17:22 CST 1997

Based on recent discussions it seems that theses from several
countries can be regarded as properly published for purposes of the
Code, and that Zoological Record coverage policy in this area could be
reliably broadened.  But, as mentioned in an earlier message,
although we can change our policy this is of no value unless we can
obtain the theses for indexing.  Accordingly, we would ask those who
are interested in supporting us to lend/send us copies of relevant
theses published by their institution, and to ask others to do the

As a guide to what is relevant, ZR covers any item dealing with pure
zoology.  Further details about coverage can be found at our website and in the front matter of the printed
product, but if anyone requires further information about the
relevance of particular theses we would be pleased to help -
addresses below.

For those of you who are prepared to lend/send us copies of
published theses from your institution we would be grateful if you
would send them to me at the address below.  It would also be a great
help if it could be made clear that any theses not carrying an ISSN
or ISBN, had been 'properly' published according to the Code.

With your help we would like to extend our coverage in this direction
with 1997 published theses, starting with volume 134 of ZR in June
this year.  Please note that, if requested, we would be happy to
return any theses after completion of indexing.

With thanks in advance to any taxacomers who are willing to
cooperate with us.

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